5 Ways A Personal Brand Helps You Get Sales And Leads

personal branding Mar 14, 2021

The importance of a personal brand

Amidst the global pandemic, having a personal brand is more important than ever. In case you missed it, we cover the 7 reasons why you need a personal brand during COVID-19.

Keenan, CEO and Founder of A Sales Guy Inc, states that “if you don’t have a personal sales brand that is driving prospects and potential buyers to you, you’re leaving opportunity on the table.” 


How a personal brand gets you sales and leads

The proof is in the pudding. We’re going to share 5 simple ways you can utilize your personal brand to gain inbound opportunities.


#1 LinkedIn

As you already know, we’re HUGE believers in the power of LinkedIn. We share multiple resources that can help you unlock your potential and grow quality connections

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is not as difficult as you might think. 

Sho Dewan is a perfect example of how personal branding on LinkedIn works. He’s a Career Coach and Trainer at Workhap and is a LinkedIn Top Voice for job search and careers. He posts consistently, providing advice, value, and engaging his network in conversations. 

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook method is a strong one to utilize when building your own personal brand. Posting consistently on LinkedIn helps bring value and this method helps cater to the right audience and builds credibility through offering free content. 


 #2 Instagram

Creating a strong presence on Instagram is another avenue you can explore when building a personal brand. 

 Eric Feng of @ericgoesglobal is a great example of how you can leverage Instagram to build a personal brand and lead to more sales. As a social media strategist, he packs value into every post he puts up and encourages people to engage and join in on the conversation. 

His content strategy features images and text that speak to pain points and provide tips and solutions. He constantly provides value to demonstrate his knowledge and build that trust. 


#3 Facebook

Facebook is a great way to connect with target customers and support your personal brand. This can be done with Facebook ads, but an even better strategy is using Facebook Groups. 

This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, joining Facebook groups that contain your target audience and ideal clients is one avenue. You can start building your authority and expertise there by speaking to their pain points, sharing value, and offering up your services. By participating frequently in these groups, you also increase awareness for your personal brand. 

Another approach? Creating your own Facebook group.

By establishing your own group, you strengthen your personal brand through building a community. This allows you to drive engagement, build authority, and provide value. Once you do that, you can easily convert those participants into clients.

 There are plenty of strategies that you can use to establish your personal brand this way. Mike Gingerich from Neal Schaffer provides 10 ways a facebook group can increase lead generation


 #4 TikTok

Microfilm content is now the king of content. People consume tons of data daily, so the easier to digest - the better. TikTok is the perfect platform to reach people exponentially faster than any other social media channel right now, making it the perfect platform to grow your personal brand.

 Raven Tanner is the Owner of Personality Paints and a talented artist that celebrates elements of a client’s personality into gemstone sculptures. She established her personal brand using social media to provide value, engage with her clients, and build a supportive community. 

 “TikTok has had an enormous impact on my business. After one viral video, I am now booked through June and taking deposits for August of 2021,” she shared. “I was also able to quit my day job and pursue art full-time!” 

Because of TikTok, Raven gained thousands of followers and increased awareness of her business. Her one video reached 145.1k views and accumulated 23.4k likes. 

TikTok allows her to share content to her other social media platforms - leaving “internet breadcrumbs” to her main platform. She loves making connections with fellow creators and her target audience because it helps her better understand them and focus on things that create buzz.


#5 Podcasts 

Did you know that the amount of podcasts doubled in the past two years? Especially in the last year, the rise of podcast content has increased dramatically. 

Take advantage of this and build a podcast to heighten your personal brand. Leverage your podcast to interview your ideal client, have guest speakers share personal stories, and drive your listeners to lead magnets. 

In 2016, Moby Hyat wanted to start a business but had some limitations due to his legal immigrant status. So he decided to launch a podcast and successfully built his personal brand that set the foundation for his company, FireShow Media

Through his podcast, Moby provides insight and shares the stories of founders and creators in Austin. Because of his personal brand, he’s had the opportunity to provide value by speaking at panels and hosting events. Today, he uses his experience to show other entrepreneurs and business owners the ropes on how to build your personal brand through content. 

Moby shared, “Get on people’s newsfeed. When you’re building your brand, you don’t need to wait around to get attention. Go out there and connect with your clients.”


Know any other ways your personal brand leads to sales?

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This blog article was written by Jenn Hanft, a personality-driven copywriter for multi-passionate entrepreneurs using high-conversion storytelling to amplify your voice with words that deeply connect.

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