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     What you need is a LinkedIn Strategy that works for you to:

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  • Learn my Content Converting System that builds demand for your Service offering and ramp up your overall Social Engagement
  • Feel confident to Turn your LinkedIn Connections into Sales with a Proven Framework
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"Salina is an amazing coach!

She does not only share her knowledge and experiences about personal branding on LinkedIn, but also help clients build the content strategy and design the measurable KPIs to monitor the improvement progress.

That's a true differentiator from other LinkedIn training programs.

If you are looking for professional advice on LinkedIn marketing, Salina is the go-to person!"

“Salina’s knowledge of the platform and the training material she provided were key for building a strong LinkedIn Profile that reflected my personality, but that's not all.

What changed everything for me was that Salina was there every step of the way and whenever I needed her to make sure that we'd achieve our target.

My followers grew by 36%. I'm now a guest on a podcast and have started working B2B. More importantly, I'd say I grew even more as a person thanks to Salina's fantastic program. If I had to summarise the experience in one sentence, I'd say 👇🏼

"Salina always has your back!"

My teaching approach comes from my own experience and LinkedIn Journey. 

I hit over 12K+ followers on LinkedIn, garnered 2.5M LinkedIn profile views and closed multiple 4 and 5 figures clients in the first year of my business. 
Today, I’ve helped over 128+ clients to build a powerful personal brands, ramp up
their social engagement and turn their LinkedIn connections into customers. 
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