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Take The Guesswork Out Of Building A High-Impact LinkedIn Profile That Turns Your Connections Into Customers 


It’s time to unlock your full business potential with a simple proven roadmap to turn LinkedIn into a revenue-generating machine.


Designed by Ex-LinkedIners, you’ll learn the behind-the-scenes secrets to building a strong personal brand that attracts inbound business and sales consistently. 


Are you a passionate entrepreneur, coach, or side hustler who is struggling to build a strong presence on LinkedIn and using it to grow your business revenue?  


If the answer is YES, you’re in the right place!
You may be thinking: 


  • I’m new to LinkedIn and don't know where to start
  • I’m not sure how to use LinkedIn to find my target audience and convert them into long term customers
  • I feel intimidated by LinkedIn Algorithms and have spent time and money on solutions that don’t work
  • I post every week - DIY-ing it and piecing together different strategies but I'm just not getting results... I know this isn't sustainable.
  • I’m ready to leave my corporate job but want to set my side hustle up for success before I jump ship  

We get it! We’ve tried other social media platforms too and none of them have worked for us the way LinkedIn has.

LinkedIn is a totally different beast compared to other social media platforms. It’s truly a goldmine when it comes to skyrocketing your revenue.

And we’re going to show you how to master it!

Let’s take a moment to imagine when this is your life: 

  • You become recognized on LinkedIn as the go-to expert in your field, rank as the top 1% in your network, and attract dream clients daily

  • Your LinkedIn content speaks directly to your ideal clients resulting in boosted social engagement and high impact leads 

  • You built a thriving business with unshakeable confidence, allowing you to finally quit your soul-sucking corporate job






In just 10 weeks, you’ll learn our proven roadmap to skyrocket your online presence, build a powerful personal brand, boost social engagement, and continuously generate inbound leads.

What makes LPBA different from other courses?

01) You’ll get 7 comprehensive modules that break down our simple roadmap step by step


02) We eliminate the guesswork out of LinkedIn and spill all the secrets to build a strong personal brand


03) As Ex-LinkedIners, you get access to behind the scenes information that you wouldn’t get anywhere else
04) Following our proven framework will rank you in the top 1% and guarantee an SSI score of 70+ (don’t worry, we’ll explain what this is)


05) It includes extensive walkthroughs, plug-and-play templates and scripts that you can implement from day 1 



I’m an Ex-LinkedIner who founded the[in]academy to help entrepreneurs and coaches, like you, turn your LinkedIn Connections into Customers. 

In 2020, I launched my first LinkedIn course dedicated to helping people worldwide build a strong personal brand, authority, and master the ins and outs of LinkedIn.

Fast forward a year, I went from 1.5K to 12K followers, gained 2.5M+ LinkedIn Profile views, hosted regular speaking engagements, and worked with 190+ purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Today, I'm taking that knowledge to launch LPBA to provide YOU with the latest strategies, proven frameworks, and roadmaps to find success on LinkedIn.

As Your LinkedIn Gal, I’m sharing the behind the scenes secrets so you can get the RESULTS you want!

- Salina 

By the end of this course,

you’ll have:

Defined your unique value proposition so you can stand out from your competition

Learned how to write content that attracts your ideal target audience and addresses their challenges, pain points, and desires

A RockStar LinkedIn profile that clearly communicates your offerings, acts as an opportunity magnet, and ranks you within the top 1% with a SSI score of 70+

Boosted your social engagement with converting content that gives you 10x more reach with your ideal clients 

Built a loyal following of individuals who are highly engaged and ready to buy what you have to offer 

Crafted compelling InMail messages that entice and convert your prospects, while knowing how to handle objections

Become recognized as the go-to expert in your niche, leading to tons of organic inbound opportunities 

The time is NOW. 

Let’s turn your connections into customers!

3 Monthly Payments of



A One-Time Payment of



  [in] siders Sneak Peek into LPBA:

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 Let’s break down what’s [in] it for you:

Start From Scratch (32 Mins)

Whether you're focused on creating a side hustle or just starting out your LinkedIn Journey, we’ve mapped out a simple strategy to set a strong foundation for your business and build a powerful personal brand. 

Module Highlights:

  • Using 7 simple steps to define your elevator pitch so that you can best present yourself in front of your target audience
  • Learn how to truly understand what your audience wants, feels, says and does using our proven ICP system
  • With a well-defined value proposition and deep understanding of your ideal customers, you’ll have a clear game plan on how to stand out from the competition on Linkedin

Phase 1: High-Impact LinkedIn Profile that Converts 👇

Module 1: Your Roadmap to 70+ Social Selling Index & Beyond (25 Mins)

As Ex-LinkedIners, we’re giving you the inside scoop on how to reach the Top 1% of LinkedIn Profiles with a SSI Score of 70+. 

Module Highlights:

  • Your LinkedIn Success Roadmap and Profile Funnel
  • Step by Step Guide to achieve 70+ Social Selling Index
  • 3 Elements to create an outstanding LinkedIn Profile to cut through the noise

Module 2: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile from A-Z (28 Mins)

It's time to whip your LinkedIn Profile into your unique landing page and rank higher on keywords that matter most to you. You’ll build your Know, Like, Trust factor and utilize LinkedIn to engage the right community. 

Module Highlights:

  • Implement the 10 Steps to achieve a high-impact LinkedIn profile that converts
  • Winning SEO & Rank higher on LinkedIn search results
  • Learn 10 ways to grow your highly engaged LinkedIn Community

Phase 2: Content that builds demand for your Services👇

Module 3: LinkedIn Secret Algorithms (35 Mins)

With only 1% of LinkedIn members regularly sharing content, you have the perfect opportunity to achieve at least 8x more reach than your follower base if you publish content in ways that LinkedIn Algorithm favors.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the never-shared LinkedIn Secret algorithms that give you key advantages for viral content.
  • Learn Salina's Content Conversion System that over 190+ of our students have executed and found success on LinkedIn

Module 4: LinkedIn Winning Content Strategies (36 Mins)

Now, you're ready to master a kickass content creation strategy to grow your personal brand and business. A clear roadmap on how to create highly converting content on LinkedIn.

Module Highlights:

  • An easy to execute LinkedIn Content Creation Process that will keep you showing up for your audience consistently
  • Become a content generation machine that never runs out of ideas
  • Save time, money and brainpower with our very own content swipe files and plug & play templates

Phase 3: Turn Your Connections into Customers 👇

Module 5: Steps to Sign your First & Next Clients on LinkedIn (32 Mins)

We'll walk you through our entire framework so you can convert your connections into customers and adapt the best outreach practices to substantially grow your business. 

Module Highlights:

  • Locate your ideal clients via my LinkedIn search formula
  • Salina's DM strategies and plug & play scripts
  • How to reverse engineer your sales goal to achieve your revenue target

Module 6: LinkedIn Sales Mastery (36 Mins)

We could stop right here, but we don't! We will hand hold you until the finishing line to close your deal and handle objections along the way. 

Module Highlights:

  • Incorporate our kickass InMail outreach strategy that will get your messages read and answered which will lead to sales!
  • Stop puzzling over what to write. Our plug-and-play templates will do the work for you!
  • Master your discovery meetings with advanced objection handling, follow-up strategies, and questions to exude confidence and sell without feeling sleazy. 

Module 7: Congrats + LinkedIn Latest Features, Trends & direction (21 Mins)

You did it! Here we’ll summarize everything you’ve learned and give you an advanced roadmap to follow as you continue to execute and implement strategies to sustain your LinkedIn Growth.

Module Highlights:

  • Celebrate your success and look back at your progress
  • Receive your advanced LinkedIn Success Roadmap to continue to sustain your LinkedIn & Business Growth
  • Get the latest LinkedIn Features update to further level up your LinkedIn Game


Bonus 1

3 Special LIVE LinkedIn Trainings with Salina

You’ll have access to my LinkedIn [in]siders LIVE Trainings so you can ask all your burning questions and receive more clarity on what you’re learning. Think of it as personal LinkedIn coaching at your fingertips!

Bonus 2

How to Grow by 100 Followers Weekly

A step-by-step outline on how to approach your content strategy with intention so you can grow your reach and followers.

Bonus 3

10 the[in]academy Plug & Play InMail Sales Templates

We’re sharing with you 10 of our InMail sales templates that generate the most opens, replies, and leads to sales!

Bonus 4

LinkedIn Premium - Is It Worth It? Guide

A special guide that outlines everything you need to know about LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium to decide what’s best for you. If you already have a Premium account, it’ll show you all the tips to make the best of your subscription.

Bonus 5

Done-For-You Cover Photo Templates Super Pack

Cover photos are an essential part of your LinkedIn Profile! With these 20 DFY templates, you'll set your profile up for success.

BGA Bonus

30, 60, 90 Days Plug & Play Content Plan

(Value: $997)

With these plug & play content plans, you'll get access to daily prompts and content ideas that will have you connecting with your ideal clients in no time. Never wonder "What should I post today?" again!


When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

3 Monthly Payments of



A One-Time Payment of



We’re confident that you’ll see amazing results by following our proven roadmap! 


If you do the work and don't see any results by day 15, we'll refund your investment.


Full details on our 15-day risk-free guarantee here.


Get ready to build your business to its full potential and accelerate your growth.

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