If You Haven’t Tried Posting LinkedIn Videos - You’re Definitely Missing Out

personal branding Apr 01, 2022
Posting LinkedIn Videos

Videos on social media aren’t anything new, but video usage and its popularity on social media have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Thanks to user-generated content like what you see on Instagram Reels and TikTok. Over half of social media users prefer videos in their feed, and businesses benefit from this trend. With 93% of companies acquiring new customers through videos.

So, where does that leave videos posted on LinkedIn? The popularity of LinkedIn videos is just as strong, with 50% of LinkedIn users engaging with videos on their feed daily. And with a 437% increase of LinkedIn Lives (a feature on LinkedIn to live stream from your profile), members on the platforms aren’t just consuming pre-recorded videos but also watching people in real-time.

So as a small business owner or online business coach, what does this mean for you? Well, if you haven’t tried posting videos on LinkedIn, you are missing out on the possibility of generating new leads and prospects.

And I am going to be bold and say it- video is the fastest way to take your prospect from the awareness stage to taking action, especially now more than ever. When people can only get to know you online, the know, like, and trust factor is extremely crucial to encourage your prospects to make a purchasing decision after getting a taste of who you’re as a coach, teaching style, and a sample of your quality of work. After watching videos or engaging with you during your live shows, they will be more likely to sign up for your products and services.

Yes, I said it and put it out there. And I’m not afraid to make this statement because I’m going to share LinkedIn video statistics and success stories of how video marketing can be a game-changer for your business. 


Why Post Videos on LinkedIn?

Compared to LinkedIn with Instagram or even Facebook, text posts do well on the platform, and when you add an image, it has a 2X higher engagement rate. Still, video has a 5X higher possibility for comments and engagement. And if you create a video that hits all the winning points with your audience, it has 20X of being shared by others.

I can attest to this fact. There have been video posts re-shared by LinkedIn users that were not from my first connection, complete strangers who shared my video because they thought it was valuable enough to share with their network. That’s a pretty powerful organic reach. 


Grow Your Audience with LinkedIn Lives

Another form of video is live streaming from your profile with LinkedIn Lives. In 2021, LinkedIn updated the creator mode to include access for live streaming. Before the updated access, members needed to submit an application to access streaming. But now, if you change your profile to creator mode, you automatically have access (if you aren’t ready to change your profile, you can still submit an application for live streaming).

But does having access to LinkedIn live streaming in real-time worth it?

Yes. It can help you instantly connect with your audience and grow your audience, especially when collaborating with other members on the platform.

Let’s break down these two critical benefits of live streaming on LinkedIn.

  • Creates an Instant Connection

When you start streaming live on LinkedIn, it opens the opportunity to humanize your professional brand by inviting your connections to experience your personality and watch you in action. Whether you are an online coach or SMB owner, LinkedIn lives is an effective marketing tool that can help build trust that can accelerate the sales cycle by turning prospects into fans and, ultimately into customers.

Not feeling solid or confident about your LinkedIn Profile and how to kickstart your LinkedIn Live Show? Book a 1:1 consultation to help develop your personal brand on the largest professional network.

  • Grow Your Audience Faster

I am a massive believer in collaborating with others that are adjacent professions or fields. I don’t see others as competition because I know I have a unique value proposition that I have created in my coaching business. By collaborating with others, it can help expose my style of coaching and services to another audience. And the quickest way for a brand new audience to learn about you is with lives. Again, that instant connection can literally cut the customer funnel in half by taking a person from awareness to consideration with one live show. 

One last feature you should know about LinkedIn lives is the ability to save the stream as a video that is available for replay for anyone who may have missed it live or want to watch it on-demand. Talk about getting the most value from one piece of content.

This leads me perfectly into the next section, what types of videos to post on LinkedIn.


The Types of Videos to Post on LinkedIn

If you aren’t ready to stream live, creating pre-recorded videos is impactful and effective too. But you want to post your video natively from the app, not embedding the video link in your post.

What the heck am I saying?

Native posting means uploading the video directly from the app or platform from your desktop. The video becomes a part of your post and instantly plays as someone scrolls through the feed, which is more likely to grab their attention for a better click-through rate.

An embedded link is when you use a video link originally posted on another platform, like YouTube or Vimeo. LinkedIn users can insert the link into the body of the post, but It makes the viewer take an additional step to click the link. But that’s assuming the viewer is interested in the post in the first place. Mobile users rarely want to take an extra step, and LinkedIn doesn’t want them to leave their platform. An embedded link could lower your chances of your post distributing to more viewers.

The final takeaway is the type of videos to post on LinkedIn, go with native videos, and upload directly on the platform. The chances of your post getting in front of more people with a native video is greater, and LinkedIn is happier when content is made directly on their platform. 


LinkedIn Video Success Story


Final Takeaway- LinkedIn Videos

Vidects. It’s not a marketing tool to be afraid of using and should be a part of your tool kit.

It is not the customer’s job to find you. It’s your job to meet them where they’re at on their customer journey, and LinkedIn is the perfect platform where people search for answers and look for solutions. It could be your video or live show that can quickly take them from having a problem to finding the solution.

Soon your LinkedIn content will be off the charts and making new connections from your excellent videos. But how do you turn your connections into actual customers? I got you and a playbook. Learn more about it here

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