10 Rules For Creating Engaging LinkedIn Posts

Ever wonder why other's posts are able to go viral but yours can't? How come they can get hundreds of likes and comments while you struggle to get one like when you are basically posting the same thing?


And I can tell you NO, it's not because you don't have as many followers!  I had personally experienced getting 9x more impressions than my follower base on LinkedIn if you do things right! And let me show you how in this guide.
Show me how!

Here is exactly what you will get:


  • Get an overview insight on how the LinkedIn algorithm works and what it takes for your post to reach more people and go viral


  • Understand what essential elements are needed in a great LinkedIn post with real life examples provided


  • Get to know what factors will actually hurt and reduce the reach of your posts so you can get to avoid them next time


Get the 10 rules now!


To achieve this, you need to: 

  • Publish in ways that the LinkedIn algorithm will favor you
  • Understand what elements are needed in an great posts
  • Avoid doing things that do not work

Submit & get a framework that you can use over and over again!