What Is LinkedIn Creator Mode? The Pros & Cons Explained

personal branding May 05, 2022

Switching your profile from the standard professional networking setting to the Creator mode was all the buzz this past Spring. In an effort to shift the perception of LinkedIn only being known as a platform where professionals network and look for jobs, it introduced Creator Mode. A way for members to become content creators on the platform and help LinkedIn become a destination for engaging and inspiring content other than just industry news and job postings. 

But what does LinkedIn Creator mode exactly mean for you? Does switching your setting make sense for your personal brand or business?

Before you answer that, I share the essential information about the creator mode in this article. Here’s what we’ll go over:

  1. What is LinkedIn Creator Mode? 
  2. Should I turn it on? 
  3. Pro: LinkedIn Creator Mode Features
  4. Pro: The Creator Tools Included 
  5. Con: Re-formatted profile 
  6. Con: Do You Create Enough? 

So, let's start at the top. What is Creator mode on LinkedIn? 


What is Creator Mode on LinkedIn?

Creator mode is a profile setting for LinkedIn members who create content regularly and want to grow an audience with their content specifically. The creator mode setting enables members to create and publish content in various formats and focuses on creating a following by highlighting a person's content activity. 


Should I Turn On Creator Mode?

The bigger question to ask yourself is, what are your goals for being on LinkedIn?

If you're looking to grow your professional network by being mindful and intentional with whom you want to connect, then creator mode may not be the ideal setting for you.

You might want to stick with the traditional settings and try optimizing your profile instead. Strategically adding keywords and phrases to your profile can help boost your visibility and discoverability on the platform.

But if you are looking to grow an audience and cultivate a following to establish your personal brand and services through your content— creator mode is a good option for you. However, some caveats still need to be considered before switching to a creator profile.

I'll share the potential setbacks a little further below, but let's go over the benefits and features of LinkedIn's Creator mode.

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Pro: LinkedIn Creator Mode Features

When you switch your profile settings from professional to creator mode, it automatically turns on features and changes the profile layout only available.

Here is a rundown of what you will get with the creator mode:

  • The ability to select and display five different hashtags below your headline shows followers the topics you focus on.
  • You can film a 30-second video as your profile picture that automatically plays when someone lands on your page.
  • Instead of a "Connect" button, it's turned to "Follow," and for every post you create, a "Follow" button is placed at the top right corner.   
  • Your profile's "Feature" section is placed higher at the top featuring selected posts encouraging people to follow your content
  • The "Activity" section features your posts instead of your engagement activity. 

Are you noticing a reoccurring theme? It's all about creating content and growing your network with fans of your posts. 


Pro: LinkedIn Creator Tools

Remember, the whole point of the creator mode is for you to publish content on the platform in a variety of ways, making it easy to cultivate an audience.

So, when it comes to the creator mode, you'll have the ability to publish two types of content:

  1. Your own LinkedIn newsletter, to send to your followers
  2. Access to stream live on LinkedIn from your profile 

And before creator mode was available, you needed to apply for these features and content creation tools. Now it's available when you turn on this setting option.

A newsletter is a great way for people to understand your expertise better and thought leadership. If appropriately strategized and scheduled consistently, it's an excellent way to stay top of mind and get into people's notifications.

Access to streaming live on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to grow your audience, especially if you invite other members as guests or co-hosts. Adding them to your lives brings awareness of your professional brand and exposure to a new audience. You will need a consistent show schedule because you can't build an audience if they don't know when you are going live.

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Con: Re-prioritized Profile Format

The most significant change between the standard settings to creator mode is the shift of the "About" section. It drops further down the profile sequence, allowing the "Feature" and "Activity" sections to be viewed first. These sections display your best and most current posts.

If you don't have posts with good engagement or a fair amount of likes, this may not be the best first impression for your profile.

People like and sometimes need social proof from others. And if your posts are just "OK,” this may have people question your authority or popularity. 

I know, pretty harsh, right? You can’t control how people think or react, but you do have control over what they see on your profile.

But with an optimized and well-written "About" section (and headline) would serve as a better first impression. You'll have a much better chance of winning them over with how you can help them because that’s really why they took the time to check out your profile, to learn what's in it for them.


Con: If You Don't Create Enough Content

If you create fewer than two posts a week and haven't developed a strong brand message or focus on pillar content topics, the creator mode features would be wasted.

If you're just going to “wing” it, accessing a newsletter or live streaming won't be as effective. And without a clear focus on topic discussions or what you want to write about, it could confuse people about your brand—losing the trust and authority factor.

So, having the five hashtags with your profile would be counterproductive if you have less than 3000 connections, as your content won't be discoverable or featured anyways.


Final Takeaway- LinkedIn Creator Mode, Worth Turning On?

At face value, switching your profile to Creator mode may sound like a great idea, but it's not so great for those who don't post consistently (and at least twice a week) and have no desire to create content beyond the everyday posts.

Your profile will be giving up valuable real estate if the "About" section drops further down. Remember, most people browsing on a profile will only scan for a few seconds, so if your summary converts prospects into clients- why move it?

I'm not against the LinkedIn Creator mode, but it should only be an option for people committed to creating content consistently and in various ways. More importantly, if your goal is to grow an audience, not mindfully build connections, one qualified connection at a time.

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