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CEO of the[in]academy | Linked[in] Expert & Coach | 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile | Ex-LinkedIn | Keynote Speaker

Over 10+ years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, specializing in everything LinkedIn. Salina solves complex business challenges by connecting the dots between solutions, sales & marketing alignment, innovative sales strategies, and breakthrough content marketing.

During her Tenure at LinkedIn

Over the past few years, Salina has trained over 8,000 execs from around the world and consulted for Fortune 500 brands in the US, UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong & Singapore about the power of digital marketing and personal branding.

So many clients, friends ask me 

How to build a powerful LinkedIn profile, expand their network, make a good impression on prospects, and what they need to do to land that dream job. As an Ex-LinkedIner, I know the ins and outs of what makes for a successful presence on the platform, I started sharing exclusive content with my connections and followers: In 2018, I launched a monthly video series where I share insights, tips, and tricks of the trade, garnering an average of 8,000 unique views per episode.

the[in]academy was born

With the success of my monthly series, I've decided to launch a dedicated page to host even more content that will continuously help individual professionals and brands be successful on LinkedIn. 

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