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Monday, March 8 @7pm HKT | 12pm CET | 6am EST

#SheInspires: Champion Women Forging Innovation Through Tech & Digital Advancement

Zoom - Virtual Event

With the rising demand for new technology, there is a significant need for women to be better supported in pursuing a career in technology. 

Educators, businesses and individual mindsets must be broadened if barriers are going to be broken, stereotypes challenged and obstacles overcome regarding women’s participation in and contribution to innovation.

We need more coding clubs in schools. We need more female role models and mentors. We need to overcome gender bias in the workplace.

Companies also need to provide more flexible working for women, such as programmes to support women returners or better maternity leave policies.

We need more women in technology. Period.


Salina Yeung - CEO @theinacademy

Helene Li - Co-founder @Golmpact Capital Partners

Catherine Lee - Director @PwC

Michelle Chan - Director @Livi Bank

Tuesday, March 9 @7pm HKT | 12pm CET | 6am EST

#SheInspires: Women are thriving on their own terms in Business

Zoom - Virtual Event

With a greater focus on the importance of good mental and physical health, many women are becoming aware of the damaging effects of some workplace environments. The long commute, the late hours, being inside an office. Women are looking towards new ways to work while also being happy and healthy.

Timing is often crucial. Women need to be mentally and financially prepared and have enough motivation, confidence, enthusiasm to embrace the highs and the lows.

Companies also need to provide more flexible working for women, such as programmes to support women returners or better maternity leave policies.

We need to thrive on our own terms in Business. Period.


Salina Yeung -CEO @theinacademy

Surabhi Jain - Chief Data Officer @Westpac Institutional Bank

Karen Kim - CEO @Human Managed

Eun Jeong (E.J) Youk - Product Marketing Manager @Microsoft

Wednesday, March 10 @7pm HKT | 12pm CET | 6am EST

#SheInspires: How do you empower the women in your life?

Zoom - Virtual Event

A gender equal society needs empowered women and girls who take control of their lives, make their own decisions, and succeed in their chosen pursuits.

According to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2020, at the current rate of change, gender parity will not be attained for another 99.5 years. 

We need more our world and company leaders play an integral role in forging the path toward change, but it's also up to each and every one of us to get involved - and there is no action too small to get started. 

We need to challenge the status quo by raising awareness against bias, celebrating women's achievement and taking action for equality. Period.


Salina Yeung - CEO @theinacademy

Marie Claire Lim Moore - CEO @TransUnion HK

Angel Kilian - Diversity & Inclusion Manager @Include Consulting

Tanvi Bist - Regional Account Director @Braze


LinkedIn is a GOLDMINE right now especially if you’re in the B2B world!

Right now, the platform is going through a Facebook 2011 moment, where people realised they could achieve significant, organic business growth without paid ads or expensive campaigns. People are building their brands and reputation at scale on LinkedIn.


You might have missed out on the organic growth phase at Facebook or Instagram, but now you have a chance to get ahead of everyone and fully make use of the opportunities LinkedIn currently offers.


The global B2B revenue from LinkedIn is set to reach US$9.2 trillion by 2025 –  people want a piece of that pie and you can be the one serving it up!  


Build your brand and reputation on LinkedIn to tap into the job market, leads and business opportunities

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Learn Linked[in] with the Experts

Meet Your LinkedIn Expert

Hi, I’m Salina. Having worked at LinkedIn for the past few years and knowing all the ins-and-outs of what makes for a successful presence on the platform, I began sharing my insider-knowledge with 200+ companies and countless professionals to exceed their business goals.


Since launching my own business, I have been able to vastly expand my network and build my brand, which translates into leads and ultimately tangible deals, including large corporates knocking on my door.


I am here to share the secret of success and deep knowledge of LinkedIn that I have accumulated from both working there and thousands of hours of research through my business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already been a long-standing LinkedIn fan, I’ve got customised resources to help you at every level.


So I want to invite you to join our FREE Webinar where I will be sharing 5 of my personal tips to be TOP 1% LinkedIn Profile. My success can soon be yours and first step to achieve whatever your goal is on LinkedIn is by joining this webinar. 

We're [in] it to Win it!

Salina delivered an incredibly brilliant, engaging and insightful Workshop on "Rock Your Professional Profile on LinkedIn" for our student and alumni at UBI Luxembourg and UBI Brussels.

She helped our students to understand how LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool for them to build their professional brand during their studies and find career opportunities after graduation.

I couldn't find a better speaker on this topic and highly recommend Salina from the[in]academy for their professionalism and charismatic seminars. 

Vincent Tam - [email protected] Luxembourg

Salina is an amazing coach! She does not only share her knowledge and experiences about personal branding on LinkedIn, but also help clients build the content strategy and design measurable KPIs to monitor the improvement progress. That's a true differentiator from other LinkedIn training programs. 

Kelly Jorritsma - Director of Business Development @Seqvoia

I attended Salina's Personal Brand Course. The insights are just great, Salina has strong work experience with LinkedIn and knows the nitty-gritty details on how to best use the platform. Her approach is honest, detailed, goal-oriented. I dare to say it's the most complete course available at a very reasonable price. It touches all important items that the platform offers and has a big focus on how to communicate effectively. She also offers personal post-course consultancy. Thanks a lot, Salina!

Vincent Berndsen - Board Advisor @Hatch Digital Consulting

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The secret ingredient in making an ALL-STAR profile on LinkedIn to stand out against the crowd


Step by step guide on how to build your reputation at scale to achieve the goal you want on LinkedIn


Achieve financial freedom through the opportunities you gained on LinkedIn

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