My [in]Siders WINS


A snapshot of love notes and stories of transformation from my rockstar clients that got incredible results after working together


In a nutshell, more visibility, more meaning, more confidence, more engagement, more clients and beyond.  


Be Our Next Success Story

Anne Genduso

Certified Career Coach, USA

Within 3 weeks :

  • Doubled her Profile Views & Search Results
  • Featured by the LinkedIn News Team x 2, Business Insider
  • Signed a 4-figure Coaching Client

Seb Jauslin

10X Therapist & Executive Coach, EU

  • His last LinkedIn Posts went Viral and hit 28.000 Views with 400+ engagements
  • Got most of his Clients through LinkedIn and quit his corporate job
  • Was able to Increase his Fee

Angel Lam

Headhunter & Career Coach, ASIA

Within 3 months :

  • Her Followers have grown over 90% to currently 5.600 
  • Has gained more B2B clients, as opposed to B2C clients

Faisal Shah

10x Life Coach, EU

After LPBA Program :

  • Thought Leader on the Platform with an SSI of 77 
  • Started getting Inbound Leads almost immediately
  • Has closed a few 4-figure Clients
  • His LinkedIn has become a Stronger Platform than his Website

Dr. Petra Wuest

Self Branding & Team Branding Coach, EU

After LPBA Program :

  • 90 % Increase in Profile Views and a 300 % increase in Search Appearances
  • Open up to a New international crowd and opportunities for her business

Sonia Ivelisse

Pharma Personal Branding Specialist, USA

In just 3 weeks:

  • Her LinkedIn Profile Views increased by 70% and her Search Appearance by 60% 
  • Signed Four 4-Figure New Clients
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"Salina is an amazing coach!

She does not only share her knowledge and experiences about personal branding on LinkedIn, but also help clients build the content strategy and design the measurable KPIs to monitor the improvement progress.

That's a true differentiator from other LinkedIn training programs.

If you are looking for professional advice on LinkedIn marketing, Salina is the go-to person!"


Tinique Hay

Business Event Manager, UK

In 2 Months:

  • Her SSI Score went from 60 to 74
  • Her Profile Views increased by 300% 
  • Understanding how to create content that resonates with her potential clients and increase social engagement

  • Signed a 4-figure full event management deal

Richard Zhang

Intrapreneurship Career Coach, CA

In 2 Months:

  • SSI went from 67 to 79 and increased his Organic Traffic by 2000 %
  • 1000 new Followers
  • Boosted overall social engagement 

Cristina Paredes Murrell

Founder of F(X) Future of Exploration, USA

After LPBA Program:

  • Learned how to build a strong personal brand and leverage LinkedIn for business
  • Learned how to raise awareness for her school and grow her community

Craig Davis

Hospitality & Customer Success Expert, USA

After LPBA Program :

  • His SSI Score went from 62 to now 75
  • From 1,525 Followers to now over 4,000
  • Hit multiple 6-figure viral posts

Ashleigh Goh

Social Media Marketing Manager, USA

In 2 weeks:

  • Her profile view went from 80 Views to 400 Views
  • Received a ton of messages from Recruiters, from HR Managers as well as Headhunters

Ang Kok Chin

Financial Advisory Director, ASIA

In 2 months:

  • SSI Score went from 50 to 68 
  • Understanding of the LinkedIn Secret Algorithm for growth
  • Finally connecting with his Ideal Client Profiles on LinkedIn
I Want to Grow my LinkedIn Now

"Just want to send a token of my gratitude for being my LinkedIn coach!

Thanks to you, I realized that Linkedin is really like the magnet of people and opportunities while people often underrated its value.

Within just 2 months of joining your LinkedIn PBB Program, I managed to get an amazing job offer with a 50% SALARY INCREASE - Totally unexpected!

Now, thanks to you, I got a fully optimized Linkedin profile and tons of DMs from recruiters for various interesting opportunities.

Thanks for everything again, Salina!"

Amy Wong (Asia)

Data Management Enthusiast

"Salina is a ROCKSTAR LinkedIn Coach, who is dedicated to help others achieve their goals.

Thanks to her expert tips and strategies, my Social Selling Index went from 54 to 72 for only 2 weeks, doubled my reach on my social posts and made many new connections! If you take her advice and put in the work, it's guaranteed formula for SUCCESS.

If you're looking to build your brand, network and grow your business on LinkedIn, there is nobody I would recommend more than Salina!"

Khaled Abuljebain (Middle East)

Podcast Host & Consultant

"Salina is REALLY my BIGGEST LinkedIn Cheerleader. I was confused about how to build my personal brand and didn't know how to improve my LinkedIn Profile.

I joined Salina's LPBA. She always encourages me in a positive way with a big smile. At the same time, she gave me actionable improvement areas on my LinkedIn Growth Strategies.

 What I most like about her is her willingness to share her insider knowledge and passion for all things LinkedIn. I especially find her Personalized LinkedIn Profile Review beneficial to me and my work. I feel more confident in creating content that resonates with my target audience and my personal brand positioning on LinkedIn."

Mishan Wu (Asia)

Trilingual Translator


Build the Personal Brand that I'm Proud of!

"Salina is dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about her clients' success!

Working with her provided me with valuable knowledge, habits, and practical tool kits to build my LinkedIn brand and ensure my posts are noticed.

I highly recommend Salina to businesses or individuals who are looking to see results quickly with practical guides.

Working with Salina has provided me skills that helped to extend my global network as well as gain notice by recruiters during a crucial change in my career."

Allison Tanner (USA)

Senior Account Executive

"Salina is an awesome and wonderful LinkedIn Coach. She is is a top-of-the-crop professional with a great personality. Salina masters what she does deeply while also mastering how to deliver and guide others on Linkedin personal branding of all levels. 

Salina is very generous and doesn’t simply offer ready-made solutions. Rather, she personalizes complete methods, builds with me with full support, encouragement and motivation. Salina makes herself available for communication in a very reasonable time frame.

I have learned a lot from her and I recommend individuals and organizations looking for real results.

If you haven’t got a chance to get to know her, I invite you and encourage you to DO IT as she has a one-of-a-kind, Loyal community on LinkedIn!"

Hamza Faraj (CA)

Mindset Coach

"I reached out to Salina to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to boost sales of organization and improve my general LinkedIn knowledge.

After joining her LPBA Program and learned so much more than I expected, from defining tangible LinkedIn objectives, how SEO works, content strategies to the routine LinkedIn checklist for both my profile and company one. I grew sensibly in profile views & search appearance and I've seen the number of followers increasing.

The training is well organized in modules and easy to follow with downloadable PDFs.

My evaluation of the course is an excellent value/money service that helped me to make the most out of LinkedIn."

Giuseppe Berlanda (EU)

Sales Director

Never been more READY in my life

"I connected with Salina via LinkedIn and loved every bit of her content. Before, I didn't know how best to redefine my LinkedIn profile that fit my personality.

Salina helped me to update my LinkedIn headline. In just a week, I have had an increase in profile visibility by +400%."

Elizabeth Okullow (Africa)

B2B Agribusiness Copywriter

"Salina's LinkedIn advice and personal branding tips are some of the best out there.

She focuses on the ROI of every single part of your LinkedIn profile vs the classic "just make it look good" approach. Salina has brought a wealth of knowledge around content marketing, LinkedIn strategies and sales.

I find her content very helpful as well for anyone wanting to increase inbound opportunities using this amazing platform. I'm not sure you'll find a better expert in the field of LinkedIn and brand building than Salina!"

Michelle Carrizosa (USA)

Tech Career Coach

"Through a 1:1 LinkedIn Strategy Zoom Call, Salina helped me tremendously in finding my leadership voice, encouraging me to show up by posting consistently on LinkedIn and believing that the world needed to hear what I had to share. I was struggling to showcase myself as a musical performer on LinkedIn, Salina taught me how to leverage the featured section to promote my events and pieces.

She was phenomenal at explaining the process and how the LinkedIn algorithm works. This helped increase my overall content engagement rate by 1.56X and increased profile views from the 2 digits to the 4 digits. I was getting multiple performance opportunities through LinkedIn.

She shows up every day and uses her own strategies and relationship building abilities to be the example we all need to see. If you get the chance to work with her one-on-one, GO for it!

Highly recommend Salina as the LinkedIn Coach!

Ella Wang (CA)

Classical Music Performer

Let's DO this Now!

"Salina is an exceptional LinkedIn Personal Branding Coach!

She made me feel confident in putting my most authentic-self out here as I grow my LinkedIn Network. She is with me in every step of the way and pushes me out of my comfort zone to get the results I wanted as I learnt about content creation, various LinkedIn features and redesigning my profile.

It has been a wonderful learning journey with Salina and theinacademy team. Now I have a solid plan, an online brand and her nuggets of LinkedIn knowledge have helped me tenfold. 

Thank you, Salina!

Felipe Peña Lillo Yañez (Chille)

Executive Leadership Coach

"Salina is an amazing coach! 

She does not only share her knowledge and experiences about personal branding on LinkedIn, but also helps clients build the content strategy and design the measurable KPIs to monitor the improvement progress. 

That's a true differentiator from other LinkedIn training programs.

If you are looking for professional advices on LinkedIn marketing, Salina is the go-to person!

Kelly Jorritsma (EU)

Private Funds Manager

"Salina delivered an incredibly brilliant, engaging and insightful Workshop on "Rock Your Professional Profile on LinkedIn" for our students and alumni at UBI Luxembourg and UBI Brussels.

She helped our students understand how LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool for them to build their professional brand during their studies and find career opportunities after graduation.

I couldn't find a better speaker on this topic and highly recommend Salina from the[in]academy for their professionalism and charismatic seminars.

Vincent Tam (EU)

Dean at United Business Institutes

I Wanna Be The Next Success Story

"Salina's Personal Brand Mastery Course was very useful and comprehensive. She covered all the questions I had and much more. The course material that Salina put together is easily digestible and actionable so that you can implement the steps right away at your own pace. 

One of the most valuable parts of the course was Salina’s personalized LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Review, where she took the time to help each individual member to improve their LinkedIn Profile. My profile strength has really improved and I have been appearing in many more searches on LinkedIn.

Salina shared loads of insider knowledge and useful tips that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the internet. Working with Salina has been a breath of fresh air. She really puts her clients first. 

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn Coach, I would highly recommend Salina.

Vanessa Suen (UK)

Graphic Designer

"I attended Salina's LinkedIn course. The insights are just great, Salina has strong work experience with LinkedIn and knows the nitty-gritty details on how to best use the LinkedIn platform. Her approach is honest, detailed, goal-oriented. I dare to say it's the most complete course available at a very reasonable price too. It touches on all important items that the platform offers and has a big focus on how to how to communicate effectively. She also offers personal post-course consultancy. Thanks a lot, Salina!"

Vincent Berndsen (EU)

Managing Director

"Salina is a great mentor in transforming one's LinkedIn profile.

While I'm still generally put-off by engaging with social media, I'm much more comfortable in sharing in order to build a brand and be recognized as an expert in my field.

With her inside knowledge of what works and what doesn't, and the way to use LinkedIn algorithms to get the word out, she has helped me towards my goals immensely. "

Ryan Mann (Asia)

Senior Account Manager

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