How To Avoid LinkedIn Content Burnout (Before Its Too Late)

personal branding Aug 23, 2022
content burnout

I genuinely believe that content burnout doesn't come from a lack of time or too much to do. It really comes from spending time making heaps of generic content that doesn't excite you (or the reader). If you only focus on quantity over quality, you’ll most definitely fall into the content creation burnout trap. 

And trust me, your LinkedIn audience can read and see right through when content is too thin or basic. Viewers want and expect content that is educational, inspirational, entertaining, and most importantly, resonates with them. 

I can’t stress this enough to my clients, create “INTENTIONAL” content, the kind that builds trust and likability that has their audience wanting their services, without forcing a lot of content on their feed. 

So, before it's too late and you go down the rabbit hole of burnout and despair of content creation, let's go over five ways of approaching content for LinkedIn and where to focus your energy. 


Five Ways to Avoid LinkedIn Content Burnout

  1. Create Content You Love  
  2. Personalize Your Content 
  3. Creation Batching 
  4. It's OK to Ask for Help 
  5. Go Easy on Yourself, Take a Break


1. Create Content You Love

When it comes to creating content on LinkedIn, you can easily fall into the mindset of strictly sounding professional—showing no emotions about the topic, and treating it more like an obligation or task.

While using "love" to describe content creation may sound a little extra or over the top. I would translate love as an expression of your passion, enthusiasm, or excitement for the topics you want to cover for your personal brand or business. 


Create content that: 

  • Makes you excited to solve its problems for your ideal customers.
  • You’ll want to share helpful tips and best practices with your target audience.
  • You can’t wait to spark conversations with your LinkedIn audience.

Content that lights you up inside and what you want to talk about on LinkedIn and with your audience.  

[In]sider Tip: Go with a content format that you love to create in. Love to create image carousels? Write articles? Make videos? Whatever your creation jam is, choose the kind that allows you to stay consistent with making content on LinkedIn week after week. 

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2. Personalize Your Content

The beauty of LinkedIn is following and engaging with like-minded people. However, this causes a higher chance for topics to be covered by multiple people in the same field or profession- a challenging position for content creators to stand out from the crowd. 

To avoid this dilemma, you could connect your pillar topic to a favorite hobby or activity, creating a unique experience for your audience. This approach can take a common topic and turn it into your own unique perspective or explanation, making your content more memorable and your personal brand more attractive. 

Incorporating something you enjoy doing or as equally passionate about can create a deeper connection between you and the content- sparking new and creative ways to deliver the message. This helps remove the fear of "running out of ideas" or feeling burnt out.  

[In]sider Stories:

My client Rebecca was invited to facilitate a Women's Leadership Forum at Deloitte and booked 7 sales calls asking about her coaching services, after sharing her challenges and struggles early in her career via LinkedIn Content. 

My client Anne shared her origin story on LinkedIn of why she quit her six-figure job without a backup. Her share led her to build the know, like and trust online and ultimately signed several 4-figure packages and landed features in the New York TimesBusiness Insider and LinkedIn News.


3. Creation Batching

Task switching is an easy way to get content burnout. If you're trying to squeeze content creation sporadically throughout the day or week, it could result in rushed and poorly executed results.   

A way to avoid this is by scheduling dedicated blocks of time or an entire day to produce content. This method is called "Batching" and helps make the content creation process more fluid and efficient by executing similar tasks repeatedly.  

When you hear people say they're in the "zone" or the "flow," this is an excellent description of what it feels like to batch your content. You become laser-focused with only needing to think about producing good quality content, bringing a sense of satisfaction and pride in your work, and not giving a chance to feel burnt out.   


Top 3 Tips for Content Batching

  1. Schedule this time without any chances of distractions or interruptions.
  2. Set boundaries, let people know this is your time to create and produce. 
  3. Creativity needs energy, make sure you pick a time when you are the most energized and alert.

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4. It's OK to Ask for Help or Get Help

We can't expect to do it all. And perhaps spending your time brainstorming topics or getting in front of the camera to shoot a video (insert article about Linkedin video) is more effective for your overall content strategy goals than you spending time editing the video. 

One of the culprits to content burnout is spending time on parts of the process that you're not interested in learning or taking you away from other areas of your business that need your attention. This can cause unwanted stress and pressure, ultimately leading to burnout. 

Delegating parts of the content creation process that don't require you to be involved can help free up time to work on essential activities for your business. Allowing you to focus on what matters most for your business or professional brand. 

Identify which part of the process takes you the most time and don’t really enjoy doing, then outsource it to a VA or someone who will do a better and faster job than you do. It’s a business expense but could be worth your valuable time and sanity. 


5. Go Easy On Yourself, Take a Break

Take a break from content to avoid content burnout. 

I know. This statement is not Earth-shattering and is entirely logical and straightforward, but it needs to be repeated. 

"Never create content when you feel uninspired. "Rest, Rejuvenate, Reflect" will help you to actually move things faster in a content creation world. " - Salina Yeung

You may need to shut off notifications from LinkedIn during certain times or days or completely disconnect from the app on the weekends when there's typically less activity happening. 

This is me, I only post from Monday to Friday, 5 days a week at 9 am EST. In a way, my audience knows my boundaries, my time, and the date of posting, so they know when to be expected my content. 

However, let's not assume your target audience is not on the platform during the weekend. Only you know your audience and have created those best practices (insert article about best practices) from testing and observing when your content has a better chance for engagement and activity. 

You will make the final call when it is best to be on the platform. But the main point here is making time to take a break from LinkedIn, giving you a chance to recharge and re-energize. 


Final Takeaway- Avoiding Content Burnout

Coming out on top of your LinkedIn marketing strategies shouldn't require you to be a content creation machine, pumping out generic posts. 

It will take creativity and personalized content to encourage LinkedIn viewers to engage and connect with your content. If you only focus on quantity, you could be in danger of burning yourself out and missing your branding and messaging mark. 

Let's avoid burnout from making content that isn't effective or impactful. 

Quality content wins on LinkedIn. People want to learn, be entertained, and get to know you and your brand. 

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